Bénédicte Boudassou, "Les roses"

Parfumées, romantiques ou originales, les plus belles roses sont réunies dans cet ouvrage richement illustré. Pour chacune d'elle, vous trouverez une fiche d'identité pour connaître tous ses secrets de culture et les bonnes associations à réaliser. Des fiches pratiques vous guideront également tout au long de l'année. Plantation, taille, soins et même bouturage… Toutes les techniques sont traitées de façon claire et pratique. Jardini...

Food Heroes: Sixteen Culinary Artisans Preserving Tradition

In Food Heroes, Georgia Pellegrini introduces readers to the lively stories of artisanal food devotees such as New York mushroom forager Marion Burroughs, French fig collector Francis Honore, fish missionary Jon Rowley in Washington State, and Ugo Buzzio in New York City, one of the last makers of traditional dry-cured sausages in the United States. Filled with colorful anecdotes, photographs, and recipes, this book offers an accessi...

New Art of Cookery

Winner of the Jane Grigson Trust Award 2017 and the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy’s 2017 Prize for Research New Art of Cookery, Drawn from the School of Economic Experience, was an influential recipe book published in 1745 by Spanish friary cook Juan Altamiras. In it, he wrote up over 200 recipes for meat, poultry, game, salted and fresh fish, vegetables and sweet things in a chatty style aimed at readers who cooked on a modest bud...

The Banality of Heidegger

Heidegger and Nazism: ever since the philosopher's public involvement in state politics in 1933, his name has necessarily been a part of this unsavory couple. After the publication in 2014 of the private Black Notebooks, it is now unambiguously part of another: Heidegger and anti-Semitism. What do we learn from analyzing the anti-Semitism of these private writings, together with its sources and grounds, not only for Heidegger's thoug...

Theory and Practice in Essene Law

This book offers a novel approach for the study of law in the Judean Desert Scrolls, using the prism of legal theory. Following a couple of decades of scholarly consensus withdrawing from the "Essene hypothesis," it proposes to revive the term, and suggests employing it for the sectarian movement as a whole, while considering the group that lived in Qumran as the Yahad. It further proposes a new suggestion for the emergence of the Ya...

Seamlessness: Making and (Un)Knowing in Fashion Practice

Taking the concept of “seamlessness” as her starting point, Yeseung Lee offers an innovative practice-based investigation into the meaning of the handmade in the age of technological revolution and globalized production and consumption. Combining firsthand experience of making seamless garments with references from psychoanalysis, anthropology, and cultural studies, Lee reveals the ways that a garment can reach to our deeply superfic...

La psychologie de l'enfant

« La psychologie de l'enfant étudie la croissance mentale ou, ce qui revient au même, le développement des conduites (c'est-à-dire des comportements y compris la conscience), jusqu'à cette phase de transition constituée par l'adolescence, qui marque l'insertion de l'individu dans la société adulte. La croissance mentale est indissociable de la croissance physique. » La théorie piagétienne, fondée sur une méthode génétique, a largemen...

A New Deal for Bronzeville

During the Great Migration of the 1920s and 1930s, southern African Americans flocked to the South Side Chicago community of Bronzeville, the cultural, political, social, and economic hub of African American life in the city, if not the Midwest. The area soon became the epicenter of community activism as working-class African Americans struggled for equality in housing and employment. In this study, Lionel Kimble Jr. demonstrates how...

The Other in Contemporary Migrant Cinema

As a rapidly aging continent, Europe increasingly depends on the successful integration of migrants. Unfortunately, contemporary political and media discourses observe and frequently also support the development of nationalist, eurosceptic and xenophobic reactions to immigration and growing multiethnicity. Confronting this trend, European cinema has developed and disseminated new transcultural and postcolonial alternatives that might...

Collapse Volume VII: Culinary Materialism

Contributors: AO&, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Gabriel Catren, John Cochran, Sean Day, Rick Dolphijn, FIELDCLUB, John Gerrard and Michael A. Morris, Carol Goodden, Iain Hamilton Grant, Manabrata Guha, Dorothee Legrand, Vanina Leschziner and Andrew Dakin, Dan Mellamphy and Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Jeremy Millar, Eugene Thacker, Richard Wrangham, Fernando Zalamea. Is it possible to maintain that cookery has a philosophical pertine...