Learn Microsoft® Excel® 2010-2016 for Windows® in 24 Hours: A jumpstart to be an intermediate user

580bdad123329.jpg Author Liaw HockSang
File size 3.21MB
Year 2016
Pages 100
Language Englisch
File format PDF
Category Software

Book Description:

Microsoft® Excel® has many features. To learn most of the features, it will take you months, if not weeks. In this short book, I will introduce you some commonly used and interesting features that you may need to dig into more advanced books before knowing how to apply them.

This book is for Windows®-based users. All the steps, formulas, and VBA code in the book are written and carefully tested in Microsoft® Excel® 2010, 2013, and 2016 for Windows®.

I assumed that you are either a beginner or an average Excel® user. Nevertheless, I assumed that a beginner should know how to open and save an Excel® file, and know what a cell, a range of cells, a worksheet, a dialog box, and a control (button, check box ...) are.

I hope this book will serve as a quick reference to implement some interesting features. Let Excel® work for you and make your work more impressive and elegant.

A Supplementary Excel® File to Share
The author would like to share a supplementary Excel® file. It contains all the working examples in this book - number formats, named formulas, formulas, ranges with conditional formatting, live calendars, a custom list of Roman numerals, data validation lists, controls on a worksheet, VBA code, and others. It definitely facilitates you to master the content of the book. Please download the file from here: drive.google.com/file/d/0ByKhn-UYAjlQY2Uta0k4ZTNJUTQ/view



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