Kellie McGarrh's Hangin' in Tough

Mildred E. Doyle, School Superintendent

5c232a4d49f55.jpg Author Clinton Allison
Isbn 0820437441
File size 1MB
Year 2000
Pages 140
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biography

Book Description:

In the tradition of Southern school superintendents, Mildred E. Doyle was a former athlete, a jock, and a «good old boy» politician in a tailored suit. She was also a great character – courageous, mischievous, and contradictory – both beloved and considered odd. In Doyle’s biography, McGarrh analyzes issues that interest educational historians and feminist scholars: women’s struggles to attain and retain administrative positions; differences in the ways men and women supervise and lead; and the impact of homophobia on those who are not stereotypically «masculine» or «feminine». Kellie McGarrh’s Mildred E. Doyle was characterized by ambiguity, contradictions, and paradox, and her life served both to confirm and confound generalizations about women leaders.



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