Google Nexus 6 User Manual: Tips & Tricks Guide For Your Phone!

Do you own the Nexus 6 phone by Google and want to get more from it? The Google Nexus 6 user manual is an unofficial tips and tricks guide to really get more from your smartphone. Bestselling technology author, Shelby Johnson, provides all of the insight for users to set up their phone, customize and tweak it, and even perform some advanced steps. Among the information you'll learn inside this guide: - How to set up your Nexus 6 phon...

Getting Started With Adafruit Trinket: 15 Projects With The Low-cost Avr Attiny85 Board

Halfway through; excellent tutorial on the trinket via projects. Even a smaller controller than the Ardweeny but much more limited. Nevertheless, for hidden projects using low power and point-to-point sensors, the trinket shines. And this instructional points the way in a most effective manner. Arduino's ubiquity and simplicity has led to a gigantic surge in the use of microcontrollers to build programmable electronics project. Despi...

Raspberry Pi Measurement Electronics: Hardware And Software

This book is thought as a highly practical guide which can help the readers to design measurement and control systems based upon the Raspberry Pi. These systems can comprise external electronic circuits controlled by programs written in Python. Projects described in the book illustrate processing digital and analog signals and using I/O expanders. Since many measurement systems process analog signals, the guide contains a brief theor...

A Primer On Memory Consistency And Cache Coherence

Many modern computer systems and most multicore chips (chip multiprocessors) support shared memory in hardware. In a shared memory system, each of the processor cores may read and write to a single shared address space. For a shared memory machine, the memory consistency model defines the architecturally visible behavior of its memory system. Consistency definitions provide rules about loads and stores (or memory reads and writes) an...

Sony Rx10: Die Fehlende Anleitung

Hier ist sie endlich, die lange vermisste Bedienungsanleitung für Ihre Sony RX10! Sie bringt Licht ins Dunkel und erklärt Ihnen verständlich und ausführlich jeden Menüpunkt, jede Funktion und jeden Knopf. Vor allem finden Sie hier aber auch jede Menge Einstellungsempfehlungen und Praxistipps, mit denen Sie Ihr Prachtstück im Fotoalltag besser einsetzen können. Wann ist welche Belichtungsmessmethode sinnvoll, was ist der beste Modus f...

Brilliant S-pen Apps For Your Galaxy Note

Your Galaxy Note is an amazing productivity tool which combines the power of the Android platform with a precision-input stylus. In this book, discover a suite of brilliant apps that take advantage of the S-pen. You will learn to use tools designed for visual thinkers, whether in business or academia or government. Your Galaxy Note will be transformed into a powerful digital whiteboard with apps that can help you simplify complex sit...

Digispark Usb Development Workshop

The Digispark is an Attiny85 based microcontroller development board similar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, smaller, and a bit less powerful. This book helps you to get started with Digispark USB development. The following is highlight topics in this book: * Preparing development environment * Setting up Digispark USB * Working with Digital I/O * DigiUSB - Digispark debugging * PWM and Analog Input * Working with I2C Table of Con...