Focus: Passages: Your World, Your Images

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Isbn 9781600596803
File size 103MB
Year 2010
Pages 180
Language English
File format PDF
Category Design

Book Description:

Just look closely-and creative doors will open! This second book in the successful FOCUS series unlocks a doorway to the imagination, with a collection of approximately 250 photographs of passages of all kinds, captured by amateur photographers.
Doors are rich in meaning: they literally allow us to move from one place to the other, but also symbolize temptation, invitation, separation, and mystery. For these reasons, as well as their physical beauty, photographers have found them irresistible. From a graffiti-scrawled urban door and an aged barn door to an elegant glass door glowing with dappled light and a curious circular door set into an ivy-covered rock wall, these images redefine the ordinary…and shine a new light on the world.



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