Just Around The Corner

Americans have always believed that economic growth leads to job growth. In this groundbreaking book, Stanley Aronowitz argues that this is no longer true. "Just Around the Corner" looks at the state of the American economy as planned by democrats and republicans over the last thirty years. In this book, Aronowitz finds that economic growth has become "delinked" from job creation, and that unemployment and underemployment are a perma...

Against Schooling: For an Education That Matters

In Against Schooling, Stanley Aronowitz passionately raises an alarm about the current state of education in our country. Discipline and control over students, Aronowitz argues, are now the primary criteria of success, and genuine learning is sacrificed to a new educational militarism. In an age where school districts have imposed testing, teachers must teach to test, and both teacher and student are robbed of their autonomy and crea...

Information Subject (Critical Voices in Art, Theory and Culture)

Critical Voices in Art, Theory and Culture is a response to the changing perspectives that have resulted from the continuing application of structural and poststructural methodologies and interpretations to the cultural sphere. From the ongoing processes of deconstruction and reorganization of the traditional canon, new forms of speculative, intellectual inquiry and academic practices have emerged that are premised on the realization...