The Anthropology of Marriage in Lowland South America

Bending and Breaking the Rules

5c1de749d4312.jpg Author Paul Valentine and Stephen Beckerman
Isbn 9780813054315
File size 1.62MB
Year 2017
Pages 316
Language English
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

This volume reveals that individuals in Amazonian cultures often disregard or reinterpret the marriage rules of their societies―rules that anthropologists previously thought reflected practice. It is the first book to consider not just what the rules are but how people in these societies negotiate, manipulate, and break them in choosing whom to marry.

Using ethnographic case studies that draw on previously unpublished material from well-known indigenous cultures, The Anthropology of Marriage in Lowland South America defies the tendency to focus only on the social structure of kinship and marriage that is so common in kinship studies. Instead, the contributors to this volume examine the people that conform to or deviate from that structure and their reasons for doing so. They look not only at deviations in kinship behavior motivated by gender, economics, politics, history, ecology, and sentimentality but also at how globalization and modernization are changing the ancestral norms and values themselves. This is a richly diverse portrayal of agency and individual choice alongside normative kinship and marriage systems in a region that has long been central to anthropological studies of indigenous life.

Contributors: Catherine Alès | Stephen Beckerman | Janet Chernela | William Crocker | Rosemary Diaz-Szynkowicz | Pamela Irene Erickson | Alexander Mansutti-Rodriguez | Peluso, Daniela | François-René Picon | Dan Rosengren | Nalúa Rosa Silva Monterrey | Lionel Sims | Paul Valentine | James Yost



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